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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-27Gain and Loss in the Translation of Cultural Aspects from English to Arabic.Lahmar, Madjeda; Metouchi, Zineb
2021GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors for High Frequency HF ApplicationsLAZERGUI, Abdelkader; BAKEL, Abdennasseur
2023-07-10Gated graph neural networks for building session-based recommender systemsAIT ARAB, SARA MELISSA; GAFOUR, MOHAMED ALI
2020Gender and Linguistic Politeness: The Case of Request and Apology in EFL Students’ Mixed Gender speechSoumaya, NAIMA; REBAH, Zohra
2020Gender Differences and Language Use.BAKDI, Khaldia; CHENNOURI, Houria
2020Gender Differences in Conversational styles : A conversational analysis of mixed gender online chatsAouidat, Lazhari; Antouri, Zineb
2019Gender Differences in Flouting Conversational Maxims of Algerian Dialectal Arabic Conversations of Students of English at Ibn Khaldoun University of TiaretMeghrabi, Hanan; Tordjmen, Iman
2019Gender Differences in Writing Achievement .KOUIDER, Yakout Lamia; BENDAOUD, Fatima
2020Gender Differences within Speech and Vocabulary in Tiaret.HEDDLI, Messaouda Ikram; SAFA, Ismahane
2020Gender Gap in Learning Foreign Languages.REDJALA, Mokhtaria; REBBEH, Dhaiba
2021Gender Interaction in Classroom Discourse.SEBAGH, AMEL AFRAH; BAAZI, IBTISSEM
2020Gender Representation in Middle School Second Generation EFL TextbooksBENREBIHA, Hanaa; TERNOUKHI, Amina
2023-07-03Gender Representation in the EFL Textbook ‘My Book of English’ Used in the Algerian Primary Schools: A Content Analysis.FERRADJI, Hind; ARBAOUI, Hanane
2021-09-30Gender Stereotypes in the Language School Textbooks: A Comparative StudyBelouari, Rima; Abdelhay, Bakhta
2021Gender-Linked Language Differences in Tahar Outtar’sRommana and DjamilaZenir’sBarbarian TattoosCHAOUNE, Noure l houda; SAHRAOUI, Cherifa
2021Gendered Conversational Strategies in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and “The Chrysanthemums”.HACHI, Amira Nour Elhouda; BOUABIDA, Fatima Zohra Hiba
2022-06-30Gendered Discourses about Women’s Inheritance in Patriarchal Communities Case of Beni Weragh Community .Dergam, Linda; Boudjelal, Mustapha
2022-06-21Gendered Language in Lucy M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables and Ernest Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”Benatmane, Tinhinane; Benmoussa, Wafaa
2022-07-04Gender–Related Language Differences in Assia Djebar‟s Fantasia and Yasmina Khadra‟s What the Day Owes the NightBekkouche, Zohra; Touidjine, Amaria
2016Gestion clinique des dystocies Chez l’espèce félineBENNOURINE, ISMAHANE; SAADI, LEYLA