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Title: Gender–Related Language Differences in Assia Djebar‟s Fantasia and Yasmina Khadra‟s What the Day Owes the Night
Authors: Bekkouche, Zohra
Touidjine, Amaria
Keywords: Literature, Language, Gender Differences in Language Use, Fantasia, What the Day Owes the Night
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2022
Publisher: Université Ibn Khaldoun -Tiaret-
Abstract: Literature is the language that engaged the ideas between the reader and the writer, where the use of language is differ for both genders that led many sociolinguistics researchers to focus all their attention to study gender differences in language use, Thus we relied to study the Gender differences in language use in Assia Djebar‟s Fantasia and Yasmina Khadra‟s What the Day Owes the Night, both of them are Algerian novels written with French language, that demonstrate the social state of Algerian citizens during the French colonial period. As student our interest is in literature because we are required to read books, texts and novels in order to enrich our knowledge and language. So this research aims to investigate the relation between gender and language and to discover the existence of gender differences in language use within the linguistic analyses frame work by applying the Difference theory by Deborah Tannen, since the two novels are considered as a tool that represent those differences through their different characters and events . At the end we concluded that the difference theory was achieved in both novels.
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