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Title: Gender Representation in Middle School Second Generation EFL Textbooks
Other Titles: A Critical Discourse Analysis of third year English textbook.
Authors: BENREBIHA, Hanaa
Keywords: Gender role, stereotype, textbook, critical discourse analysis.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Université Ibn Khaldoun -Tiaret-
Abstract: This study investigated the men and women are manifested in Algerian EFL textbooks. It has also attempted to uncover the hidden ideologies and their effects on the learners. Van Leeuwen's approach to critical discourse analysis has been useful in the analysis of the data by offering interpretation of the meanings derived from the sample. In this analysis, we have attempted to account for two main strategies related to van Leeuwen’s inventory; inclusion and exclusion in order to disclose the position of men and women in the textbook, in terms of their presentation in "My Book of English", and its impact on the reader.
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