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Title: Gender Differences in Flouting Conversational Maxims of Algerian Dialectal Arabic Conversations of Students of English at Ibn Khaldoun University of Tiaret
Authors: Meghrabi, Hanan
Tordjmen, Iman
Keywords: Grice’s Theory, Gender linguistic features Conversational Maxims, flouting maxims.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Université Ibn Khaldoun -Tiaret-
Abstract: When communicating, people are not only conveying information but also constituting desires to maintain a good relationship between the interlocutors. However, in day-to-day life, people sometime say something and mean directly or indirectly something else. Grice (1975) gives a set of maxims that people obey them in order to achieve an effective communication. Students of the department of English at Ibn Khaldoun University of Tiaret flout these maxims unintentionally in their speech . Therefore; this research explore male’s and female’s linguistic features in relation to flouting maxims when doing communication in Algerian Dialectal Arabic. This research aims at investigating the differences of males' and females' speech styles, describing the phenomena of flouting maxims, explaining the reasons behind flouting maxims. Moreover, this work employed mainly descriptive qualitative and quantitative methods to support in analysing and interpreting the data. The data are taken from participants’ responses and from recorded conversations that were translated, described, and interpreted. The instruments of this work constitute of a questionnaire and interview (recording). The finding of this research confirm the hypotheses, and answer the research questions, in addition, it gives some recommendations and suggestions for further researches.
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