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Title: Online persistence and analysis of model transformation exampels
Authors: Merouane, Mohamed Elamine
Keywords: Model driven-engineering
reuse in collaborative modeling
Model transformation by example
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2023
Publisher: Ibn Khaldoun University
Abstract: This thesis proposes an innovative framework for dataset creation in computer science research and development. It addresses inefficiencies, lack of standardization, and limited collaboration in traditional approaches. The framework utilizes model transformations by examples, allowing users to define transformations based on their requirements. It includes a repository for sharing and reusing models and transformations. Collaboration is facilitated through an online platform, enabling modelers to work together, provide feedback, and enhance dataset quality. The framework’s effectiveness and efficiency are evaluated through experiments, case studies, and user feedback. The main contribution is a comprehensive framework that accelerates dataset creation, enhances dataset quality, and fosters collaboration within the computer science community.
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