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Title: Valorisation de la flore locale dans l’obtention de produits à haute valeur ajoutée cas de figuier de barbarie (Opuntia ficus indica)
Authors: Chabi, Lidya
Kardi, Hafidha
Keywords: E. coli
culture medium
in vitro
Opuntia ficus indica
natural substances
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2021
Publisher: Faculté des Sciences de la Nature et de la Vie
Abstract: The objective of the work carried out was the search for new bioactive substances derived from the local flora, of pharmaceutical and industrial interest as a nutrient medium. This study was carried out according to two different strategies : the use of extracts of prickly pear (Opuntia ficus indica), to prepare a solid or semi-solid nutrient medium for in vitro culture and the evaluation of the growth of microorganisms in it. New culture medium through in vitro evaluation processes. The first part of the work made it possible to highlight the gelling properties of cactus extracts, which are very interesting in the case of preparing a solid medium. The second part of the work, the diagnosis of the growth of the two bacterial and fungal strains, made it possible to show that the media based on skinless cladode was more efficient than the cladode media with skin and allowed a good development of the bacterial strains and fungal in in vitro culture thus validating the possibility of using them as a promising alternative to the synthetic culture medium. This work therefore demonstrates the validity of the strategies adopted, that cactus extracts could be considered as a cheap and ecological alternative for the in vitro culture of some organisms.
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