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Title: الأمن القضائي للمنازعات الإدارية
Authors: بكار, ريم هاجر
Keywords: الأمن القضائي، حماية الحقوق والحريات ، سيادة القانون ، الآليات الدستورية، المساواة أمام القانون
Issue Date: 2-Nov-2023
Publisher: جامعة ابن خلدون: كلية الحقوق والعلوم السياسية
Abstract: يعد الأمن القضائي من المواضيع الحديثة البالغة الأهمية، لإذ يعني به تلك الثقةفي المؤسسة القضائيةلما يكون صادر عنها من أحكام وقرارات أو أوامر قضائية بمناسبة فصلها في النزاعات المطروحةأمامها، إذ بموجبه يتولى القضاء حماية حقوق وحريات الأفراد وأمنهم القضائي مما يجعل الطمأنينة تترسخ في مرفق القضاء كونه يجعل سيادة القانون فوق كل إعتبار ......
Description: The issue of judicial security is one of the most important modern topics as whats is meant by it that condidence in the judicial institution in terms of rulings decisions or judicial orders issues by it on the occassions of adjudicating the disputes before it, according to it, the judiciary protects the rights and freedoms of individuals and theire judicial security, this is what makes reassurence take root in the facility of the judiciairy, as it makes the rule of law above all considerations. Judical sécurity is not achieved unless constitutional mécanisms are available for it, the fore most of which is the existance of an independenct and impartial judiciairy, as it cinstitutes a solid pillar of democratic practice and the establishement of a state of right and law and here, the judiciary is far from any direct or indirect pressure, influence that would négatively affect its work which is mainly related to achieving aquality before the law. In the administrative law and in accordance with law n°22-13 amending and supplementing law n°08-09 related to civil and administrative procedures and law n°18-02 amending and supplementing law n°11-13 amending and supplementing law n°98-01 related to the state council, the legislator aimed behind the establishment of administrative courts of appeal to reinforce the principale of litigation on two levels by examining appeals against judgements and orders issued administrative courts considering that the principale of litigation on two levels is one of the most important basic principles of the judiciary, in addition to achieving judicial sécurity and instilling confidance in the litigants by giving them an opportunity to present their case for vérification from the safety of the judgment issued by the administrative courts of the first degree. With regard to the state council, it is a juducial evaluating the work of the judicial authorities, it guarantees the unification of administrative gurisprudence and ensures respect for the law because it occupies the top of the administrative judicial system and it enjoys a special place in the institutional system and contribut to the protection oe rights and freedoms, it enriches the legal system and strengthening the foundation of the rule of law.
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