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Title: Factors Affecting the Classroom Management.
Other Titles: Case Study: Third Year EFL Students at Ibn Khaldoun University of Tiaret
Authors: ROUMANE, Amina
SALEM, Zineb
Keywords: classroom management, EFL learning, factors, learners’ preferences, teachers’ awareness.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Université Ibn Khaldoun -Tiaret-
Abstract: This study aspires to elucidate the factors that affect the classroom management in Algerian EFL classes. Our endeavour is to prompt a rethinking of how a well-managed classroom should be. The core of our research paper is to correlate the awareness of teachers and the learners’ preferences in order to have an effective EFL learning. The topic is chosen as the relevance of ameliorating teaching English after having an effective managed classroom. We employed both primary and secondary data collection, using quantitative and qualitative methods when dealing with the data analysis to ensure more credibility to the findings. The qualitative data was meant for the open-ended questions in our questionnaires, whereas quantitative analysis was meant for the close-ended questions. The overall findings incorporate stochastic views and insights of both teachers and students about what prevents the academic achievement in EFL classes. Despite the limitations and delimitations, this work paves the road for further researches to realize and promote a jump from theory to practice in our realm of study.
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