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Title: Factors of Code Switching among English Teachers inside the EFL classroom.
Other Titles: Case Study Teachers at the English department of Ibn Khaldoun University.
Authors: MADANI, Cherifa
Keywords: The EFL classrooms, Code-Switching, Bilingualism, Diglossia, Borrowing and Multilingualism.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Université Ibn Khaldoun -Tiaret-
Abstract: This study aims at analyzing the Arabic-English Code-Switching among teachers in EFL classrooms of the English department at Tiaret University. The main purpose of this work is to find out the reasons behind the use of Code–Switching by teachers, and their attitude towards it. The work describes the complexities of Sociolinguistic situation in Algeria and different languages co-existing on its ground, such as: Arabic and its varieties, Arabic language is considered as the first and the official language of country, and other languages which are used by the Algerian speakers in their daily life interaction like French, Berber and English. The languages are mentionedhelped the Algerian society known by its sociolinguistic diversity and gave birth to manylinguisticphenomena such: Diglossia, Code Switching, borrowing, Bilingualism and Multilingualism. The main aims of this study is to analyse the most outstanding linguistic outcomes such as: Code switching , Code Mixing and borrowing. This work is done to describe the reasons that make English teachers switch between Arabic and English inside the classrooms, so we used two different methods in order to collect data which are a Questionnaire that consists for four subsections each one dealing with a specific attitude, and Classroom observation .The general result proclaim that English Teachers switch between Arabic and English inside the classrooms,as well as, when they come into contact with students from inferior levels,and when they try to make the lesson easier and understandable.
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