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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-22The Salient Factors That Contribute to Language Shift and Language Death.ZOBEIDI, Loubna; SI MERABET, Malik
2020Saying No: An Encounter in between the Desire of Being Socially Approved and Gaining Self-esteemBENBADA, Fedwa; BOUZID, Rania
2020School Bullying Impact on Pupils’ Learning Development.BELAL, Asma; LAZEB, Yakout
2023Sciences de la vie et impacts socio-économiquesDr.bousmaha, fatma
2021-07-12Screening des bactéries lactiques productrices des bactériocines isolées à partir du Colostrum et caractérisation de leur activité antimicrobienne vis- à- vis des souches cliniquesAMEUR Ahlem; DELLA Rania; DJELIL Houria
2020Screening d’activité enzymatique des bactéries thermophiles isolées de la source thermale Serguine (Tiaret).SEMAHI, ABED; LABED, AHMED
2023-06-20Scrutinizing English Text book 3 rd year Primary School: Syntactic Analytical StudyBenferhat Meriem; Maghrabi Benaissa
2020Scrutinizing the Effects of the Introversion Personality Trait on EFL Learners’ Oral Performance: Second Year BA Students as a SampleBENMOUMENE, Ahlem; Dejerad, Najet
2020Scrutinizing the issue of Negative Interference: The Impact of Arabic and French languages on EFL learners’ writing profiency and learning English as a Foreign Language.SEGHIER, Nadia; GHAOUTI, Omar
2023-07-04Scrutinizing the Problems of Meaning in Language Analysis and Interpretation, Case of Study First Year Master Linguistics Students at Ibn Khaldoun University.HELLA, Bouchra; MAKID, Tasnim Fatima
2023-07Scrutinizing the Reasons of Formulating Grammatically Incorrect Sentences by EFL Students :Case Study of second year students at Ibn Khaldoun University of TiaretBELARBI, Yasmine Lamia; KABES, Ibtissem
2020Scrutinizing the Teacher’s Body Language and its Impact on EFL Teaching/Learning: Ibn Khaldoun Third Year BA Students as a Sample.BENAMARA, Ilies Saadi; HADJ, Mohamed Saleh
2023-07-10Scrutinizing the Textbook Content Suitability and its Impact on EFL Learners: the Case of Third Year Primary School English TextbookZEGAI, Nadria; DJAIDER, Naima
2023-01-15Seasonal Consumption Cycle of Sheepmeat in The Tiaret Region, AlgeriaAzizi, Hadjer; Belkhiri, Fatna; Atchemdi, Komi Apédo
2022-07-07Secondary School Teachers’ Perceptions of the Officially Adopted Covid-19 Educational MeasuresADIL, Amina; ADIL, Assila
2021-12-10The Sectarian Volcano In Both Syria And Yemen ConflictsLaarid, Hocine
2020Segmentation automatique des images numériques floueBOUGUENA, Chahrazed; DAHLAS, Wissam
2023-07-09Segmentation des images médicales cérébrales Par l’apprentissage approfondie dans un Environnement CloudBOUZIRI, SALIMA; FARHA, MESSAOUDA